A “Photo Catastrophe” Is Brewing In Your Computer – Be Prepared With THIS!

Sort, Save, and Protect THOUSANDS of Precious Memories With This “ONE CLICK Miracle”!

When was the last time you saw that photo of your son you took during his graduation? I know I’ve lost hundreds of photos before… unless I’d uploaded them to Facebook or took them and had them printed out… the rest are stuck somewhere on my computer.

It’d take days to copy and paste all the photos into one place (and delete the numerous duplicates). Not to mention I HATE computers… I’d much rather be outside taking new photos! You’ve probably already struggled trying to find all the photos on your computer.

Have you ever struggled with your photos – tried to organize them—and thought... is this even making a difference?

Have you ever wanted to really find a solution:

  • Find and store all your photos in one easy location
  • Delete every single duplicate photo and video
  • Ensure that a broken computer or damaged hard drive doesn’t delete every single beloved photo I own
  • Stop paying for online cloud storage (these services are expensive and difficult to use)

What if I told you there was a way?

There’s a simple way to backup all your photos in one place without needing computer skills or paying a monthly fee

…just by using this simple device you can!


PhotoStick was designed by computer geeks who understand that people like you and I HATE dealing with all the gadgets, software, and online services. People that just want to find our photos, and make sure they’re safe!

The Secret That Makes PhotoStick So Dang Easy

The PhotoStick is specially designed to find personal photos and videos on your laptop or computer. Just plug it in and select “Go”. It’ll take about 10-20 minutes to work its magic. It’s going through all of the folders and files in your entire computer to make sure it doesn’t miss a thing. Afterwards, it deletes all duplicate files, so you don’t have to delete them yourself.

Just unplug the PhotoStick and you’re good to go! All the photos and videos are now on that device. You can then put the photos on a different computer to share them with friends, or get the photos printed off!

Watch this video to learn more about the process

And when your photos are found with PhotoStick

  • No more lost photos and videos
  • All your photos and videos are in one spot!
  • No more duplicates, no more disorganization
  • Now you have that long, lost photo ❤️

So How Do I Find All of My Photos?

You could decide that you’re just going to find all the photos yourself… after all they’re on your computer! I know I’ve tried that process myself… but it’s difficult. I ended up phoning my son (who’s a bit more well versed in this kind of stuff). That’s one way to make an enemy! No one, even people with computer skills, likes doing this copy and pasting type stuff. It’s long and boring… plus there’s no guarantee you won’t miss a photo or two (or a hundred!)

What you need is a software designed to scrape your entire computer, from top to bottom.

That's why they’ve created this device, PhotoStick

There are so many ways to get value out of PhotoStick.

You'll find yourself enjoying your photos again (not just being anxious that you’ve lost them), spend time enjoying your home videos, and you can even use your PhotoStick to help out family and friend!

PhotoStick is the one device that:

  • Finds every single photo and video on a computer with 1 click
  • Deletes all your duplicates, and keeps your photo collection organized
  • Requires no monthly fee, passwords, or complicated online cloud storage
  • Let’s you move the photos to any computer or print them out at a photo shop

This 1 simple device is the easiest way to start enjoying your photo collection again… and stop being worried that you’ve lost a photo!

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Normally, PhotoStick sells for $39 + shipping.

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So take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE offer today, and start using PhotoStick for ever with no monthly fees.


Safekeep Your Memories Forever!

Finds ALL Photos and Videos

Searches EVERY file & folder to ensure no picture or video is missed!

A 1-Click, 20-Minute Process

Save hours of time searching – click “go” and wait for a few minutes as the device works its magic

Designed For You and I (People Who Don’t “Get” Computers)

Plug-in to a USB drive and hit ‘GO’ when the screen pops-up! No computer skills necessary

Keeps Your Files Safe

Never worry about losing files in the cloud or your computer crashing again!

On-Going Backups

Instantly backup new files weekly and ensure you never lose any photos or videos!

How to Use PhotoStick

Plug It In

Easily plugs into an empty USB slot on your computer.

Hit ‘Go’

When the file backup program pops-up, simply hit ‘GO’!

Everything Is Backed Up!

Your photos and videos are safely stored in minutes!

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